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Applications of textile cutting and/or welding

Textile // Lingerie

Decorative cutting & sealing of fabric edges

Textiles_decorative-cutting-sealing The BelSonic SeamStar machine is widely used for simultaneous ultrasonic cutting & sealing of lingerie products such as bra’s and slips.
No further stitching is used in the making-up of these products.
A cutting wheel with a decorative pattern is used to cut & seal the fabric edges of the product, thus providing a smooth and skin friendly finish that will prevent further fraying of the product during the many washing cycles of its lifetime.

A wide variety of pattern wheels already have been realised and are illustrated in our pattern wheel catalogue. New shapes and patterns can be custommade.

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Cutting & sealing of shoulder straps

Textiles_cutting-sealing-of-shoulder-strapsThe BelSonic SeamStar machines are used for decorative cutting and sealing of shoulder straps of women’s bra’s.
A pattern wheel made to a specific width will cut & seal simultaneously both sides of the shoulder strap.
The same decorative design can be used for the edge cutting of the bras and the slips that go with the shoulder straps.

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Edge banding

Textiles_EdgeBandingThe BelSonic SeamStar machine equipped with special guiding devices is used to weld an elastic around the fabric edge of a slip or bra und thus ensuring a beautifull and perfect bond.

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Hemming with adhesive films

Textiles_HemmingAdhesiveFilmsThe BelSonic hot air machines are used for seamless hemming of slips, bra’s and stockings.
With one machine an adhesive film is applied to the fabric edge, while a cutting knife assures a perfectly straight edge.



With another machine the fabric is then folded over and the adhesive film is activated in-between the two fabric layers to ensure a perfect bond.


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