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Automatic cutting of different fabrics (acryl, polyester, screen, etc)

Awnings03With the Cumasix from Jentschmann AG, BelSonic proposes a fully automated computer controlled ultrasonic cutting machine. This highly productive machine cuts precise rectangular panels, eliminates the need for squaring or trimming and provides clean sealed edges. For acryl, polyester, Soltis®, etc.


px610Download Factsheet: automatic cutting

Welding or gluing of fabric panels

Awnings02With the welding and/or gluing machines from Jentschmann AG, Belsonic proposes ultrasonic machines with a rotary sonotrode, ideal for welding and gluing – with heat activated adhesive tape - long straight seams on awnings, rolling shades, tents, tarpaulins, etc.

Awnings01The advantages of working with ultrasonic reside in precision, speed (continuous), finishing (flat seams, without holes) and comfort (no smoke, no smell).

Download Factsheet: Welding or gluing



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