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High Frequency machines - Stationary

Belsonic Single Head High Welder

SingleHead High Frequency Welder

High Frequency tarpaulin welding machine that can be manufactured according to the customer needs.

Used for welding liquid tanks, car tents, tarpaulins, air structures, awnings, all kind of inflatable products, pool liners, tents etc.



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Belsonic Welding and Cutting HF Welder with double loading table

High Frequency Welder

For products where next to the HF weld, the extra edge needs to be cut off.
Is a simultaneous welding and cutting machine for plastic or textile products made of APET, PET, GAG, PVC, PU etc. Will be used for double sided clamshells, blister packs and many other environment-friendly products




Download Factsheet: Belsonic Welding and Cutting HF Welder with double loading table

Belsonic Dual Head Hi Frequency Machine

DualHead High Frequency

The Dual-Head or Two-Head Hi Frequency machine are usally used to weld products that are hard to position. They are operated with a pedal, the welding time and welding pressure are adjustable. The machine is equipped with a self-protection system which will stop the hi frequency when overleaded to avoid damage to the mould and to the material.

Stationary products: such as albums, name cards and mouse pads.
Carpet Industry : door mats or anti-dust mats made in pvc.
Automotive Industry : steering wheel covers, cushions, pads etc.
Inflatable products : life jackets, drifting boats, matrasses,
Other : shower curtains, water bags etc.


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Belsonic High Frequency welder with Turntable

High Frequency Welder Turntable

Automatic turntable working-plate with 3 to 6 (optional) working positions and circular rotation. Can be equipped with a robot arm to pick-up the finished products of the machine. Output power can be between 5 and 15 KW.
The productivity of the machine can be between 3.500 to 4.000 welds per 8 hour shift.
Equipped with a leakage suppression of magnetic flux device and a cycle stabilizer.
Minimal interference with outside equipment. Accurate detection of unbalanced curre

HF welding machine for welding blister packs, clamshells, stationary products, all kinds of plastic packaging, etc.


Download Factsheet: Belsonic Hi Frequency welder with Turntable

Belsonic HF Welder with shield

High Frequency Welder With Schield

High frequency technology takes advantage of electronic tube self-surge reaction to generate a high frequency electric field between upper and lower electrodes to heat material to the point of melting where after the material is welded together under pressure of the welding head.



Download Factsheet: Belsonic HF Welder with shield



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