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PV modules

PV modules

PVmodulesThe foil splicer, integrated in a production process involving the handling of the glass panels of thin film PV modules, is used to ultrasonically weld a strip of aluminium foil to the metal layer on the glass permitting electrical interconnections to carry enough energy for practical use. The bond is produced through the momentary application of mechanical vibratory energy under pressure. The ultrasonic seam welding machine operates at high frequency with low pressure and amplitude to securely attach the aluminium strip to the metal without cracking the glass.

Ultrasonic welding provides a number of benefits for the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells. The bonds created during welding have essentially the same strength and structure as their base materials. Bonds are achieved without melting and without excessive heat, fluxes, filler metals, tapes, or other consumables, making the welding process neat, clean, and economical. Additionally, ultrasonic welding is faster than other welding methods, does not distort materials, and generally requires minimal operating and training costs.


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