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Applications of textile cutting and/or welding

Textile // Medical


Textiles_Medical_bedlinen The BelSonic ultrasonic component systems are integrated in production lines for disposable bed sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers.
The ultrasonic component system will weld a  wide seam, e.g. of 5 mm,  and cut & seal the fabric next to the seam thus providing a tight and resistant bond.

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Operation theatre gowns & drapes

Textiles_Theatre The BelSonic SeamStar machines are used for the ultrasonic cutting & sealing of  OT gowns. The continuous production of sleeves with speeds up to 30 m/min can be organised.

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Face masks

The BelSonic technology is used for the manual or automated production of disposable face masks.
Complete production lines or ultrasonic presses can be used for the making up of different types of face masks.

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Mattress/cushion protection

Textiles_protection The BelSonic SeamStar machine is used with a special pattern wheel to weld PU coated fabrics face to face and thus providing a perfect watertight bond for production of medical matresses, pillows and other related products.

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Face Mask machines available now


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